Aish HaTorah Yarchei Kallah

January 28 – February 1, 2018

All trip participants must register for the trip via the link at the bottom of this page. You may want to bookmark this page as it contains important information about your trip.

Trip Price:

The trip price is $499. This includes the 4 nights at the Prima Kings hotel (double occupancy, with breakfast) and the Yarchei Kallah program. If you would like to room on your own, add an additional $270 for the single supplement.

Flights are not included in package price. GoInspire can book a flight for you, prices currently start at $938. See sample flight information below.

If you would like to join without a hotel the price for the Yarchei Kallah program only is $199.

Sample Flight information:





Newark ELAL 026 Motzei Shabbos Jan 27 10:30 PM Newark 3:50 PM Sunday Jan 28 Tel Aviv
ELAL 027 Thursday Night, Feb 1 (Feb 2) 1:00 AM Tel Aviv 5:55 AM Friday Feb 2 Newark
JFK ELAL 008 Motzei Shabbos Jan 27 11:50 PM JFK 5:15 PM Sunday Jan 28 Tel Aviv
ELAL 001 Thursday Night, Feb 1 (Feb 2) 12:45 AM Tel Aviv 6:00 AM Friday Feb 10 JFK

Important Travel Details:

  • Regulations require that all passports remain valid for at least six months after your return flight. Please make sure that your passport is acceptable.
  • For more information on travel in Israel please refer to our FAQs.

Cell Phones:

Click HERE to order your group cell phone which will be delivered at the airport upon arrival.

Hotel Information:

The group will be staying at the Prima Kings hotel. The hotel is under the Kashrus of the Rabbanut Yerushalaim l’Mehadrin.

Extra nights in the hotel can be arranged for people who would like to arrive early/stay late. The price for extra nights before the trip is $97.50 per person per night if you are sharing a room, or $185 per night for a single room. The price for extra nights after the trip is $89.50 per person per night if you are sharing a room, or $169 per night for a single room. These prices include breakfast. Reservations will be made based on availability; contact [email protected] to reserve.

Travelers Insurance:

GoInspire strongly recommends the purchase of travelers insurance for your Israel trip. We have partnered with TripAssure (formerly MH Ross) to offer a comprehensive travelers insurance package at discounted rates.
Travelers Insurance covers:

  • Travel Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Travel Delay (8 hours or more)
  • Missed Connection
  • Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance
  • Baggage and Personal Effects
  • Baggage Delay (More than 12 hours)
  • Cancel For Any Reason Benefit (available for an additional fee)

Note: restrictions apply if insurance is purchased more than 15 days after your first payment towards the trip. Click here for more information and to sign up for travelers insurance..



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