The Ambiance of Tzfat; The Amenities of a 4-Star Hotel

Ruth RimonimI love Tzfat. The mountains, ancient streets and mystical atmosphere stir my soul and take my breath away. When we decided to spend a night up north, I knew that Tzfat (or Safed) was where I wanted to stay and was hoping to find a hotel whose atmosphere would enhance the experience. The Ruth Rimonim hotel definitely did not disappoint us.

The hotel is built on the foundations of a 13th century structure and an Ottoman era khan (inn). While it has all the amenities of a modern hotel, you know that you are staying in a building infused with history. Early in the morning I walked along the garden past pottery urns, carved stones, arched windows, and pomegranate and fig trees. In fact, the hotel is named for its abundant pomegranate trees (“rimon” means pomegranate) and even the carpets have a pomegranate design!

Ruth Rimonim breakfastLocated in the heart of Tzfat’s old city, the hotel is in walking distance of the artist colony, ancient synagogues, and local restaurants. The rooms have beautiful wood floors, high ceilings, a 110v adaptor, and a refrigerator. The hotel also has its own parking lot and the staff is friendly. The conveniences are nice but seemed trivial compared to the view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, forests, and Mt. Meron.

Finally, to complete the experience, we feasted on an incredibly sumptuous breakfast. The buffet was full of various cheeses, breads, cereals, salads, olives, spreads, dips, fruit, barekas, eggs, and espresso coffee. We had to pull ourselves away, as Tzfat beckoned…

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2 Comments on The Ambiance of Tzfat; The Amenities of a 4-Star Hotel

  1. So interesting! Tzfat looks like a very enjoyable experience!

  2. Ruth Rimonim sounds like a great hotel – It’s so cool that there’s so much history to the place you stayed!

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