Behind the Scenes: HiTech Innovation in Israel

IMG_1443Israel represents an interesting dichotomy. The spirit of History echoes from its ancient sites, and at the same time, Israel enjoys world-renown fame for its cutting-edge advances and sharp business acumen. Per person, Israel boasts the most startups per person in the world, as well as the third-highest number of patents per capita. With its very own “Silicon Wadi” (think “Silicon Valley”, Israeli-style), Israel’s innovations in the worlds of technology, science, and beyond have the world sitting up and taking notice.

Recently, investors and entrepreneurs have been able to explore this fascinating world of Israeli HiTech through a special Israel HiTech Ventures program, coordinated by GoInspire. Now, for the first time, GoInspire is offering a similar trip to adults from every walk of life, affording participants that same exciting glimpse of history in the making. business trip israel goinspireThis trip is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Sure, you’ll hit some of the major historical spots; you wouldn’t want to miss that! But it doesn’t end there. The Israel HiTech trip will also give you unprecedented access to facilities in Israel that are developing and producing the must-have gadgets of tomorrow. You will get to meet with the top management of the hottest companies in the country, and hear their captivating tales of inspiration, legendary Israeli chutzpah, and success.

In addition, GoInspire offers a parallel trip for students – particularly business majors. The GoInspire Bizrael trip brings college students into boardrooms, factories, and startup hubs to meet the people behind some of Israel’s top startups and global companies.

solar 3Bar Bruhis, a student at the University of Texas, describes his experience like this:

“Bizrael was not only a great trip, but an amazing experience. Getting submerged in the Israeli startup scene and exploring all the different problems they are solving creatively truly inspired me as a person and an entrepreneur. The skills and traits I picked up from such a short trip will surely help me in the long run. I highly recommend … !”

CLICK HERE to learn more about exploring the Israeli dichotomy of both The Ancient and The Next-Big-Thing.

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2 Comments on Behind the Scenes: HiTech Innovation in Israel

  1. IsraelFan123 says:

    Does this trip visit Teva? I hear it’s the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world, or something like that!

  2. Hi Israel Fan,

    We have had groups and delegations meet and visit different plants and managers at Teva. It is not on the proposed itinerary now.
    Teva is the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical company. It is the second tier level in market cap and sales after Pfizer and the like.

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