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Read important details about your trip. Sign up for your flight and cell phone below.

Flight information:






ELAL 008 Nov 19 11:50 PM  JFK 5:20 PM  Nov 20 Tel Aviv
ELAL 001 Nov 30 1:00 AM Tel Aviv 6:00 AM Nov 30 JFK (Grades 9 – 10)
ELAL 027 Nov 30 12:35 AM Tel Aviv 6:05 AM Nov 30 Newark    (Grades 11 – 12)


Important Flight Details:

  • All students must complete the flight form in order to secure a ticket. (click on the Sign Up button below).
  • Regulations require that all passports remain valid for at least six months after your return flight. Please make sure that your passport is valid until May 30, 2015.
  • El Al baggage limits: 1 piece weighing up to 50.6 pounds.

Cell phone:

Click here to order your group cell phone which will be delivered at the airport upon arrival.


Dietary Needs:

Please indicate on your flight form if you have any special dietary needs (e.g. if you are a vegetarian) so that we can accommodate you in Israel. (Note, we cannot cater to ALL food allergies and special needs but when notified in advance we will do our best)


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