Winging it to Israel – Travel Travails and Tips

wingWell, we were finally on our way to Israel – my brother and I – our carry-ons stowed efficiently under the seat in front of us, just beginning to relax and settle in for the duration. But just as the fascinating depiction of a tiny airplane crawling over a map indicated that we were flying over Boston, we heard the dreaded announcement.

“We are experiencing technical difficulties and will try to find somewhere to land,” pronounced the voice on the PA system, with fake calm. The landing equipment was in a dubious state and the Boston airport didn’t want to deal with us. What followed was a shaky ‘U-turn’ in the sky, and now we were truly on our way … to my very own nightmare.

The passengers reacted in a variety of ways – screaming, crying, hyper-ventilating. For some reason, the only expression of emotion I could conjure up was laughter. But the situation was far from funny.

Thank G-d, we all survived the emergency landing in JFK, but when it came to finding a new flight to Israel, we insisted that we would not fly again on this same European airline; nor would we accept any carrier other than EL AL. We were not taking any chances again. This time we would fly with the best! And although we had to argue with the European airline for hours, they finally relented and we found ourselves on an El Al aircraft, which delivered us, safe and sound, to Israel.


Discounted flights to IsraelTip #1: Fly El Al – ‘The Safest Airline’ – Although safety is priceless and the #1 priority for most passengers, you can also benefit by the special prices GoInspire offers on El Al flights. Due to the volume of our dealings with EL Al, and our special relationship with the company, we are offered substantially discounted flights to Israel, so we can pass on the savings to you!


Tip #2: Book with a Travel Agent – The internet won’t help you if you find yourself stuck in Nyingchi Mainling Airport in Tibet, or even in JFK Airport in New York City. But if you travel with us you won’t be abandoned – we will always help you find a quick and comfortable way home!

(See next week’s post for more important travel tips!)

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