Don’t Go To Israel Without Visiting These Hot Spots

3 MORE Israel Tourist Sites You Won’t Want to Miss

kinneret palm treesSince we talked about Three Sites Not to Miss On Your Next Trip to Israel a few weeks ago, our audience has been clamoring for more great tourist sites! So we now bring to you three more sites that you definitely should check out the next time you’re in Israel.

Sea of Galilee (a.k.a. The Kinneret)

kite surfing israelKnown as the Sea of Galilee, the Kinneret is actually a large lake in northern Israel. It’s a great destination for a whole assortment of water sports, including kayaking, canoeing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. You can even take a cruise across the Kinneret to enjoy it’s natural beauty. No sea legs? No problem. Try walking or biking the 60-kilometer Shvil Sovev Kinneret – a trail that goes completely around the lake, allowing you to see its sparkling blue waters from every angle.

Visit the Galilee any night for an stunning sound and light show! This 15 minute state-of-the-art presentation is shown, free of charge, at the southern end of the Tiberias lakeside promenade. Catch it at 8:30, 9:30 or 10 PM, or watch a sneak preview right here!

And of course, if you’re a Jewish mother (or have one), you can’t forget about food! Dinner on Kinneret croppedThe Kinneret is home to a restaurant with an A1 location. The popular DECKS Restaurant extends over the Kinneret on a wooden deck, featuring a stunning view that impresses even the most jaded customers. Combine that magical ambiance with its unique and delicious menu options, and you get an eatery worth seeking out. Click here for a virtual tour of the restaurant. (The food is sometimes a little pricey, but well worth it.)

Israel Museum

israel-museumAnother tourist site that comes highly recommended is the Israel Museum. Ranked #3 out of the top 165 attractions in Jerusalem according to TripAdvisor, the Israel Museum spans almost 50,000 square meters, including a six acre garden. Also situated outdoors is a miniature version of the Old City as it appeared in 66 AD. Walk all the way around the model to view an extremely detailed snapshot of history.

Indoors, the museum’s exhibits include large collections of prehistoric archeology, fine arts, and Jewish culture. One of the Israel Museum’s most famous displays is the Dead Sea Scrolls, perhaps the greatest manuscript discovery of the 20th century. They include fragments of 300 biblical manuscripts, and are more than 1,000 years older than any previously known complete copies of the Hebrew Bible.

Israel MuseumExhibits also include rooms that focus on Jewish heritage and the way the Jews have lived in various places around the globe. There are also many amazing archaeological displays, including a figurine known as the “the oldest artwork in the world”. All artifacts are well documented in English, and audio players with full explanations of each exhibit are available.

Adults and children of all ages will enjoy the many exhibits and activities, including a very interactive childrens wing which features unique children’s activities.

Plan to spend a lot of time in the Israel Museum, as it has a lot to offer. If you’re coming with children, you may want to plan your visit for a Tuesday, from 4-8pm, when the museum offers free admission for children under 18 (excluding groups).

Safari Ramat Gan

flamingoesAlso known as the Zoological Center Tel Aviv, this safari features a unique collection of wildlife, spanning 250 acres. It consists of both a drive-through safari area and a modern outdoor zoo, and is home to the largest animal collection in the Middle East (featuring 83 species of mammals, 92 species of birds, and 23 species of reptiles!) The zoo aptly describes itself as, “Africa in the heart of Israel”. With its prime location, right near Tel Aviv, Safari Ramat Gan draws more than 700,000 visitors annually.

The main attraction at Safari Ramat Gan is observing wildlife in its natural habitat. Lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of social interactions between animals, power struggles amongst the wildlife, or even the birth of a newborn (zooborn?) animal . You can explore the park in your own car, by joining a tour, or even with a segway tour.

A closer look at: The Savanna Safari

A journey through Safari Ramat Gan starts with a drive through a savanna habitat, where a whole assortment of African animals reside. View exotic species of antelope, rhinos, ostriches, flamingoes, and much much more. There are no predators in this part of the park, so no need to worry (yet!). Despite this, your windows need to be kept closed, and feeding the animals is prohibited (to preserve their health).

A closer look at: The Zoo

safari ramat gan segwayAfter leaving the Savanna Safari, you’ll find yourself in a large parking lot, surrounded by a conventional zoo. Here, animals can be found in smaller compounds, grouped by species, with countless signs along the way to make this area easy to navigate. The fascinating creatures featured include Asian and African elephants, bears, hyenas, wolves, tigers, leopards, and more. You can walk around this area of the zoo, or rent a golf cart if you don’t want to do too much walking.

Food and drink vendors are located throughout the zoo, or you can bring your own food, if you prefer. There are souvenir stands too, where you can purchase everlasting mementos of your trip.

A closer look at: The African Safari / Lions

safari ramat gan panthersAfter walking around the zoo, you will be glad to get back into your car for the next portion of your journey – the African Safari. Here you can view all sorts of African animals, starting in a hippo enclosure where you’re likely to see baby hippos! Next, drive through Lion Country – a specially guarded area with a pride (group) of lions. Lion Country is closely monitored; cars line up at the entrance, and zoo personnel allow in only a few cars at a time. (There may be longer waiting times on weekends and holidays, so be prepared.) Driving through, you can observe the lions up close. This area is actually more interesting at night, when the lions are more active.

As Safari Ramat Gan is located right next to Park Le’umi, you may want to top off your day at the safari with a picnic in the park. No matter how you slice it, Safari Ramat Gan is great value for your money. Don’t forget your camera!

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  1. These are awesome “israel hot spots”! I can vouch for the Israeli Museum and the Kinneret but the Safari Ramat Gan – is new to me! It has just been added to my list of places to visit the next time I am in israel. Thank you for these suggestions!

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