Exotic Edibles: Israel Food Tour

 shuk in israelIsrael – that place where you can find anything. You can even buy hummus-flavored ice cream in a Jaffa store!

Traveling the country can be hungry work, and we’ve discovered just the place for you to find a unique dining experience. Are you ready to taste Israel – with all  your senses? Then let’s go on a tasting tour in the Shuk (Market Place)! Educational, interesting and flavorful, this is a ride that will conclude with a meal cooked by a chef, using products fresh from the Shuk.

Sights, sounds and smells…each sense is stimulated, as you enter the Shuk; in true Israeli style, it combines the old and new Jerusalem into one entity. This is the one and only Machane Yehudah Shuk. Explore the world, as you pass by a replica of a British Fish n’ Chips eatery and a Spanish place called “Que pasa?” meaning,“What’s happening?” Wander on past Emmental Flavor Boutique – a Swiss cheese stand, and Ichikidana – an Indian, vegetarian restaurant. This Shuk has it all!

See that ad for ‘Shuk Bites’? It lets you taste part of the Shuk – but you know you’re going to go one giant step beyond that. Meet your tour guide and chef – Tal Friedman. If there is one thing all tourists want, it’s that Israeli ‘chavaya’: an experience to be remembered, and this is exactly the right address.

Together, you discover and enjoy the Israeli seasonal produce, learn how to cook meat, find out when the fish is freshest, and ascertain which spices best enhance which foods. Set out into the open Shuk and unearth the ingredients needed for your feast. And then finally, sit down and enjoy a sumptuous meal that will satisfy your hunger, as well as that inner urge for something special. Relax as you eat and delight in the beautiful views and refreshing Jerusalem breeze.

If you were not hungry before, you probably are now! Want to experience the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ for yourself? Then an Israel food tour is the tour for you! Contact us, here at GoInspire.com, and we’ll get you there, so you can taste it for yourself.

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