Where can I exchange money?

You can exchange money, including cash or travelers’ checks at the airport or most banks – but the best and easiest method is to use a bank or moneychanger ATM, as airports charge high fees. They will accept your credit and debit cards but you will need a PIN # (needed even for a credit card), and they will dispense the currency in shekels (NIS, New Israeli Shekels). The fees will vary, but not by much. Many fees are charged per transaction, so take out larger quantities less frequently. It is a good idea to notify your bank card or credit card company in advance that you will be using the card in Israel. For most transactions, you can use your credit card directly, but in the shuks (local markets), cash is king, and you can haggle for a better price with cash.

Will I be able to do laundry on the trip?

On most trips there is an opportunity to send laundry out for washing. The cost is per bag.

Do I need to know Hebrew to be able to get around, shop, order food, etc?

No, you do not. Most Israelis speak at least some English; some speak it quite well.

What kind of sun protection is best?

Even people with dark-toned skin will need protection in Israel’s summer sun. Hats are a necessity, not just for skin protection, but also to be able to see well when the sun is shining. An SPF of at least 25 will protect you, as long as you reapply often during the day.

How do I order a cell phone?

If you are traveling with a group, please refer to the group’s sign up page.  Individuals should go to https://019mobile.com/groups/goinspire to order a cell phone with GoInspire’s special rates. You will be able to order phone pickup at the airport, or have the phone delivered in the US before your departure.

Where can I keep my valuables?

Keep your passport and money with you at all times, but all other valuables should be left in hotel safes. That being said, think hard before you bring much in terms of valuables, especially jewelry, and whether it will really be used during your trip.

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

GoInspire highly recommends buying travel insurance for all trips. See below for more details. You may also speak to our agent at 845-425-8255 ext. 201 for more info, or click here to read about our plans.

Will I be able to use my American electronics?

The electricity in Israel runs at 220 volts. Most electronics are dual voltage, and you will only need a small plug adapter type C and H for them. Others may need a converter. Check the device for an indication that it runs with 100v to 220v input. Most laptops and phone chargers are dual voltage. Most blow dryers and hair irons will require a converter, but cheaper ones will often only require an adaptor. Hotels provide a convertor for shavers only in the restroom, but most shavers are dual voltage as well. . Note that if the appliance is not adaptable, and you plug it into a 220 volt outlet, you can blow the outlet and ruin the appliance.

Will I need any special immunization before traveling to Israel?

No special health precautions or immunizations are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Israel. Of course, see your physician prior to your departure if you have any medical problems.
Medicines and other medical supplies should be carefully labeled and stored in your carry-on luggage. Consider bringing a second pair of prescription eye glasses/contact lenses, and bring paper prescriptions with you in case you need a refill for any reason.

What should I know about security?

Security begins at the airport in your city of departure. Some of the questions that security will ask you may seem too personal, even offensive at times. Your bags and your person will be searched and upon arrival in Israel the questions will become even more intrusive, before approval of entry. Wherever you go inside of Israel, your bags will be searched and a metal detecting wand will be waved over you, or you will be required to walk through a metal detector. This is common for everyone in Israel, and Israelis take it all in stride. Just line up, relax, and see it as a necessary part of everyday life in Israel, to help ensure safety and security for all.

When do I need to dress modestly?

You will likely feel more comfortable if you dress modestly when visiting the more religiously observant areas (such as the Kotel/Western Wall, Mea She’arim and B’nei Brak). While you want to dress comfortably at all times due to the heat, you will feel more respectful of the local communities when you cover your knees, elbows, and collar bone.

Please refer to our Israel Travel Guide page. for even more topics.


What is the cost to extend?

In most cases, the cost is $50 PLUS any difference in fare between the group flight and the flight you are requesting. If your first choice is not available for $50, we will get back to you with other options.

When should I submit my request?

The sooner you submit your request, the greater the availability will be.

Is there a deadline for extensions?

The deadline to submit an extension is usually 5 weeks before departure for ELAL flights (6 weeks for JWRP groups). If your group is flying on a different airline, the deadline is usualy 2 months. After this date we may possibly be able to change your flight, but it might cost more.

What if I want to change my request to a different date?

Once you submit a request, should you decide to change this request, you may incur a second fee.

What if I want to go back to the group date?

Once we change your ticket, we lose the original seat. It might cost more to put you back on the original flight.

What if my friend and I want to travel back together?

Simply indicate on your ticket request form that you want to travel with a particular person.

How and when do I pay for the extension?

All fees are payable at the time we book your flight change. We will send you your new itinerary along with payment information. Failure to pay in a timely fashion may jeopardize your new travel plans.

Can I make a stop in Europe?

Unfortunately, we cannot arrange additional stops for you to Europe or any other outside destination on your way to or from Israel if you are travelling on a group flight.

Can I change my flight once I’ve been ticketed?

Airlines charge a change fee of $220 to $275 plus any difference in fare to your original ticket. You can contact us, but it’s often simpler and faster to call the airline directly. You will need to give them your “reference number” and the e-ticket number.

When will I get my ticket?

Group tickets are processed close to departure. Your e-ticket will be emailed to you at that time.


Why buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to cover both you and the cost of your travel arrangements, against a variety of unforeseeable reasons that may affect you or your travel plans.
Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Travel insurance provides coverage for Trip Cancellation or Interruption; Medical Emergencies; Baggage (loss, damage or delay) or Travel Delay and much more. Plus, MH Ross offers exclusive One Call 24-hour Traveler Assistance Service to help you with emergency situations that may arise during your trip.

When is the best time to buy insurance?

For a variety of reasons, it is prudent to purchase travel insurance when you first book your trip (i.e. make your first payment for travel arrangements). Why? Most travel insurance policies contain one or more time sensitive provisions that broaden coverage.
The time sensitive provisions which are included in most of the plans apply to several coverage enhancements, such as waiving of the Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion and the Cancel For Any Reason Benefit.

What is ‘Trip Cancellation’ and when does it apply?

The Trip Cancellation Benefit, reimburses you for your non-refundable trip deposits or payments if you must cancel your trip for a covered reason. The covered reason that causes you to cancel, must occur after your effective date and prior to your scheduled departure.

What is ‘Trip Interruption’ and when does it apply?

The Trip Interruption Benefit, reimburses you for unused land or water travel arrangements, plus additional airfare to return home or rejoin your trip when you must interrupt your travel for a covered reason.

Why buy ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ Protection?

Although there are a great many covered reasons for Trip Cancellation, not every possible reason is covered. Travel insurance policies do not cover a change of mind or other similar discretionary reasons. Cancel For Any Reason gives the traveler freedom to cancel a trip for any reason whatsoever up to 2 days before the scheduled departure date and be reimbursed for 75% percent of the cancellation penalty amount.

Can I cancel my policy if after reviewing it, I am not satisfied?

You can cancel and return your policy within the 10-day free look period and receive a refund. Generally, the Enrollment Processing Fee is not refundable.