Flying High with El Al’S Matmid Program


Six Ways To Make Your EL AL Frequent Flyer Points Work For You!

Most frequent fliers are familiar with the many awards programs available through various airlines. In case you’re not, here’s how they work, in a nutshell. You enroll in the frequent flier program of an airline that you “frequently fly”. You then amass points for every flight you take with that airline, and you can then redeem the points for future travel with that airline.

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that GoInspire recommends direct flights to Israel. As Israel’s official airline, EL AL offers the greatest number of direct flights to Israel, and we at GoInspire “frequently fly” our clients to Israel with EL AL.

Therefore, we’d like to share with you some tips about getting the most out of your EL AL frequent flyer points (usually known as “Matmid points”).

Getting started:

You can register for a Matmid account on here. There is a one-time fee of $25 to sign up, and once in a while EL AL offers free enrollment promotions. (Don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted!)

UPDATE: Enrollment in ElAl’s Matmid program is now FREE! Click here to enroll now!

Once you have an account, make sure to have your Matmid number recorded in your travel record whenever you make an EL AL reservation. That way, the points from your flight will accrue to your account.

Another way to accumulate Matmid points is by using the HAS Advantage credit card. This way, you can collect points even without flying anywhere. The HAS card also allows you to support Israeli charitable institutions with every purchase. For more info, visit

Now that you’ve got miles, what’s the best way to make use of them?

  • 14,000 Matmid points can buy a round-trip award ticket on EL AL flights. These tickets are subject to availability, so be sure to reserve extra early. It also helps to be flexible with your travel dates. Even so, many customers are disappointed to find that they can’t book a free ticket on their dates of desired travel. So, though a free ticket sounds like the most rewarding way to use your points, its not the only way.
  • Another popular use of points is to upgrade a ticket you paid for from economy to business class. When reserving your ticket with GoInspire, ask us to check for upgrade availability. Even if it is not available, we can waitlist your request, and often it is confirmed within a few days. When you reserve an upgradeable ticket, you pay somewhat more than for an economy ticket – perhaps about $2600 total, depending on the season – and then you just add 700 Matmid points per flight, in order to obtain a business class seat.
  • Many airlines are offering new options to upgrade the economy class experience. For example, EL AL offers Economy Class Plus seating, with extra legroom and a footrest, as well as a higher degree of seat recline. Passengers with Economy Plus seats enjoy priority check-in at designated counters in the airport. Economy Plus seats cost an additional $150 per flight, but you can use 150 Matmid points instead. You can reserve economy plus seats online on El Al’s website, or ask your GoInspire ticket agent to make the purchase when reserving your flight.
  • suitcase

  • Many if, not most, international carriers allow only one free bag per passenger, and travelers often find they don’t have enough room for all of their belongings. Taking an extra bag on EL AL would cost $100, or you can, once again, put your Matmid points to good use. 230 points will entitle you to take an extra bag, and if you do end up finding enough room for all your belongings in one bag, the award remains valid for another six months. (So you can use that extra bag on the way home, to pack all the gifts you’ve bought in Israel!)
  • EL AL and IsraelPhones have partnered to offer special promotions on cell phones to Matmid members. In addition, you rack up a Matmid point for every day that you use your IsraelPhone. With plans covering unlimited calls to the US, Canada, and within Israel, and free SIM cards for Gold and Platinum Matmid members, this partnership pays off! Order a cell phone to use on your next trip to Israel here
  • Every now and then, EL AL runs special promotions featuring a combo of low sale prices and a very modest number of Matmid points to pay for tickets in certain seasons. Ask your GoInspire representative if there is a special offer that would meet your travel needs.
  • Now that you have a Matmid account, and are pretty knowledgeable about its many uses, you’re ready to book your next flight to Israel! GoInspire’s travel agents are ready to assist you with all your travel needs, both on and off the plane.

    Have you come across an excellent deal using Matmid points or other frequent flyer programs? Share your experiences with our readers below!

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    1. El Al just came out with a promotion offering FREE enrollment for their Matmid Program! Click here to enroll now, and save yourself $25!

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