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Group trips to Israel
Group tours to Israel

GoInspire’s roots are in trailblazing Israel programming for young adults and groups. In fact, we’ve been working with community and student organizations for over 25 years, creating Jewish identity and outreach programming, geopolitical leadership training (Hasbara), and leadership development.

Each Of Our Israel Group Tours Is Unique

We begin by getting to know each group we work with, and learning about their focus and goals. Then we work with their leadership to build the ideal Israel experience, framed by activities and venues that combine to create a transformational experience. MORE

One group may want to connect with the Israeli entrepreneurial and tech scene. Another may want to focus on ecology and the great outdoors. Every group will find time for a balance of activities to give participants a real flavor of the remarkable land of Israel.
GoInspire is a natural partner for a large range of groups. We’ve worked with school groups of all ages, youth groups, seniors, camps, synagogues, and speciality groups of all kinds. Each group has it’s own focus, and each gets a customized, professional program that covers arrangements and logistics. But more: we make sure every step of the way contributes to a profound, enlightening and enjoyable experience for the group.

GoInspire’s logistical teams in the U.S. and Israel work hand-in-hand to assure a smooth group trip. We even help you create promotional materials to support recruitment for the tour. Each group is assigned a program director from the GoInspire team to plan the details and logistics. Your GoInspire program director continues to work with your group starting with the planning and throughout the trip making sure everything goes smoothly.