Travelers Insurance

Why get travelers insurance?

Travelers insurance provides coverage for you if your baggage is lost or delayed, if your flight is delayed, or if you need to cancel your trip.

GoInspire has partnered with MH Ross to offer you Travelers Insurance. Please note that the insurance comes from MHRoss company. All benefits subject to plan exclusions; see policy wording for details. If you have specific questions regarding coverage they should be directed to MHRoss customer service at 1-800-423-3632.

About the different policies:

The 2 policies we recommend are “Asset Plus” and “Bridge”. If you are eligible for “Asset Plus” we highly recommend it, as explained below.

Both policies will cover you if your luggage is lost or delayed, or if your flight is delayed. Both policies will also provide 100% coverage if you decide to cancel your trip or go home early for a list of covered reasons. You can view the covered reasons under “Coverage For Your Travel Arrangements” on the quote. The most common ones are:

  • Cancellation by your tour provider
  • Illness or injury to the traveler or an immediate family member
  • Fire, flood, or natural disaster at your residence, workplace, or destination
  • Involuntary termination of employment
  • Jury duty
  • Documented work reasons

Note: We recommend purchasing insurance as soon as possible, as some restrictions apply (under all plans) when the insurance is purchased more than 14 days after your first program payment. Note: you can change your travel dates and trip cost at a later date, if need be. For further details, see MH Ross’s brochures below.

The difference between Bridge and Asset Plus

The main difference is as follows: The Asset Plus plan includes an additional feature called “Cancel for Any Reason”. This means that if you decide to cancel your trip for a reason that’s not one of the covered reasons, they will still cover you 75%. Note: you can only receive the Cancel for Any Reason benefit if you purchase the insurance within 2 weeks of purchasing a ticket or of your first program payment, and if you cover the full cost of your ticket + program fees.

GoInspire HIGHLY recommends the Asset Plus plan, which will insure you in case you have to cancel for any reason which the insurance company does not consider a covered reason.

Note: the Complete plan is an upgrade to the Asset Plus plan, and provides a little more coverage for your belongings and for trip interruption. Additionally, the Complete plan is available for travelers over 65 years of age, while the Asset Plus plan is not.

How to sign up for insurance:

Note: You may encounter trouble if you are using a smartphone or tablet; we recommend using a computer to get a quote and/or purchase insurance.

  • Click on GET QUOTE, and you will be taken to a page displaying 4 policies. Refer to the price under the policy you chose.
  • What next?

    If you have decided which plan you’d like to purchase, you can click Buy Now under that plan on the quote you are looking at. Fill out your “Primary Traveler Information” and “Trip Information”.

    Tips for filling out the “Trip Information” section:

    • “Trip Type” should be Air and Land.
    • “Destination” is Israel.
    • “Airline” is whichever airline you are flying with
    • “Deposit Date” should be the date of your first payment.
    • You can leave out the rest of the “Trip Information” section

    Click Continue and you will be asked for your credit card information. Click Buy Now and you are done! You will get an email from MH Ross (the insurance company) with a receipt and with everything you need to know about your policy.

    If you have any questions about insurance, please feel free to email [email protected], or call Esti at 845-425-8255 x201.

    For complete details, see MH Ross’s insurance brochures:
    Bridge Brochure
    Asset Plus Brochure

    Enjoy your trip!

    (last updated November 26, 2015)