Make Yourself “At Home” In Israel – Try a Tzimmer!


Israel Off The Beaten Path – Episode 1

We asked you what you want to read about. You answered and we listened!

In a recent blog post we announced a raffle drawing for a $25 gift card, and the “price” of entry was a suggestion of a blog topic for our upcoming posts. We are happy to announce that the winner of the raffle is Jaclyn! Congrats, Jaclyn, and thanks to all those who left us a line. We got many great requests for blog posts, and we hope to address some of them in upcoming weeks.

This week’s post is in answer to what seemed to be the most popular request – Where do Israelis go when they are on vacation? Where do they eat out? Where do they stay? People want to hear the real deal, and we’re glad to bring you that information, in a new series of posts called Israel Off the Beaten Path.

So here’s the first in a series of places to go, and things to do, that you won’t find on a typical tour of Israel:

If you lived in Jerusalem, where would you go when you had a day off? Whether North or South, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a place to stay.

tzimmer kitchen
Instead of a hotel, why not live like a native and rent a ‘tzimmer’ for a few days? ‘Tzimmer’ is Yiddish for ‘room’, and that’s exactly what they are: one room guest houses. For a modest sum, you get a little wooden cottage with a small kitchenette, and most importantly – an indoor hot tub! Tzimmers are located on small kibbutzim or in people’s backyards, and the owners give personal attention to all their guests. In true Israeli style where everyone is family, your hosts will give you all sorts of advice, from where to go the following day, to how many blankets you should wrap your baby in. (And you really didn’t think you could dress him without socks, did you? It gets cold here at night!)

bbq food in tzimmer
Tzimmers run the gamut from standard to luxury, and some cater well to large groups or families, allowing you to rent out multiple tzimmers at once. You can choose to travel to the nearest town to go out to eat, but chances are you’re better off staying in and q’ing. Some tzimmers have pools, and others boast beautiful gardens. All are great places to relax and take in the beauty of Israel in the most ‘non-touristy’ way.

If you know Hebrew, you can search for a tzimmer at, but assuming you’re not fluent in reading Hebrew websites (like me!) there are many English languages sites you can find with google. (You can also speak to one of our travel experts here at GoInspire, and ask us to make reservations for you… But you knew that already, right?)

Stay tuned as we explore more Israeli activities in our next installment of Israel Off the Beaten Path

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