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Covering fewer than 8,000 square miles (~20,700 square kilometers), Israel is approximately the size of the US state of New Jersey and four times smaller than the United Kingdom. It’s a small country with an endless supply of enjoyable recreational activities. Let’s zoom in, and take a look at a small patch of paradise in one corner of the country. Leave the city behind you and enter… Utopia Park- a gorgeous, and relatively unknown, rain forest park.

For those of you who are getting tired of the summer heat but still want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, this park is your dream come true! Located in the Sharon Region, the park is made up of both an outdoor and indoor panorama. The indoor one is completely air conditioned, maintaining the perfect temperature at all times of the year.

Inside the venue, you can meander along bridges and walkways and feel yourself transported into the world of the rain forest. Wander past waterfalls and rare orchids of all colors, shapes and sizes, stroll alongside exotic birds and a host of talking parrots who roam free. Watch carnivorous plants (who eat flies, not people, don’t worry!). You can do all of this with wheelchairs and strollers; Utopia Park is 100% handicapped accessible.

The amphitheater is just one beautiful, exclusive space where you can host your own private business or family event. The green hall is another such place and is equipped with the latest technological amenities. You can also make use of the oval hall for a comfortable, quiet setting. There is a park with animals dotting the scenery, a petting zoo for the kids, and different types of mazes to delight adults and children alike: a two-level classical labyrinth as well as a French classical maze. Gaze over the surrounding hills, check out the cool Musical Fountain display, and visit a cactus mini park. Relax under the grapevines and feel butterfly wings gently beat against your face.

Getting hungry and in the mood for something exotic? Head toward the exit and you will find a nice selection of different restaurants conveniently located nearby. There are souvenirs and seasonal gifts to buy before you take leave of this paradise and head to another corner of this beautiful land called Israel.
For more information about the park check out their website: http://www.utopiapark.co.il/english/

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  1. Please forward to me information for visiting the park (open hours, days exact address, etc.) during passover holiday and season. Thank you

    • Chanan Kaufman says:

      Thanks for your interest! Please take a look at the park’s website listed above in the blog post for all the information you may need. Happy travels!

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