Traveling with Kids. Don’t.

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Or: How to Survive a Ten Hour Trip with a Ten Month Old

It’s been a long time since you’ve last heard from me. Therefore, you might not be too surprised to learn that since my last post I became the proud mother of two beautiful boys!

As an expert mother of three, and having already attempted what is ‘supposed’ to be a ten hour drive across half the country, I am now overqualified to give you tips on that ultimate of paradoxes – the family vacation.

There’s a reason that ‘family vacation’ is listed as an oxymoron (more…)

Our JWRP Women are Going Strong

Israeli flagGoInspire salutes the close to 400 women who will be in Israel next week on the JWRP Momentum Trip, showing their support to Israel and the Jewish people.

You INSPIRE us! Have a great trip!

JWRP Participant Supports our Soldiers in Israel

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The rockets haven’t stopped the brave women of JWRP from coming to Israel and showing solidarity with the people while they tour the length and breadth of the Holy Land. One of our recent JWRP participants was so inspired that she decided to stay on and do her part to help our Israeli soldiers. Read Michey Singer’s first hand account of her extended stay in Israel.

Here is a glimpse of my amazing journey to Israel with the JWRP:

After nine incredible days with 200 moms and unbelievable leaders, I went to Tel Aviv on an “optional two day extension.” We, seven women, had an undeniably fabulous experience. (more…)

A Madrich’s Perspective: JWRP Women Supporting Israel

jwrp pic july 21 1Sirens are sounding and rockets are flying over Israel, but GoInspire is still out to inspire! We take all possible safety precautions, and then aim to provide our trip participants with a wonderful, memorable trip.

Our most recent JWRP trip inspired our Madrich to write this moving letter:

My Friends,

Waking up this morning in bed, at my own home, was strange. Everything was silent. No bus drivers to call at 6:00 AM, no security guard to make sure he comes on time, No name tags, no city leaders. No Tour Guide, no Bathroom Stops. I was home – silence. (more…)

Stuff You Never Knew You Wanted to Know about Israel

biking in israelIn response to our recent contest, Mimi asked us how long it would take to bike from the North of Israel to the South – tip to tip.

Here’s an answer to her question, as well as some other random facts about Israel you never even knew you wanted to know!

  1. The distance from Metula (the northernmost tip of Israel) to Eilat (the southernmost point) is just under 300 miles! Some bikers traverse it over three days by biking about 100 miles a day. Others only stop for food (or to use the facilities) but don’t make overnight stops, and they complete the trip in about 26 hours or so. (And to think … I can barely make it from my car to the office, some days!)
  2. (more…)

Make Yourself “At Home” In Israel – Try a Tzimmer!


Israel Off The Beaten Path – Episode 1

We asked you what you want to read about. You answered and we listened!

In a recent blog post we announced a raffle drawing for a $25 gift card, and the “price” of entry was a suggestion of a blog topic for our upcoming posts. We are happy to announce that the winner of the raffle is Jaclyn! Congrats, Jaclyn, and thanks to all those who left us a line. We got many great requests for blog posts, and we hope to address some of them in upcoming weeks.

This week’s post is in answer to what seemed to be the most popular request – Where do Israelis go when they are on vacation? Where do they eat out? Where do they stay? People want to hear the real deal, and we’re glad to bring you that information, in a new series of posts called Israel Off the Beaten Path. (more…)

Don’t let Fear of Flying Keep You “Down”

airplane after takeoff

By Perel Grossman

Some of you may know me as the fearless leader of our JWRP travel division at GoInspire. But what you may not know is that I am not all that fearless. Don’t ask me to drive in the snow. Don’t show me your pet cave cricket. And for heaven’s sake… don’t ask me to fly! Because I am here to admit that I suffer from the dreaded F.O.F. (a.k.a. Fear of Flying).

Caren Redlich, LCSW, explains the root of aviophobia: “Fear of flying usually comes from not feeling in control. It also triggers other fears such as separation anxiety.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Perel, you spend ALL DAY booking flights. How can YOU suffer from F.O.F.?”


We Are Giving Away Money!

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Tell Us What You Really Want to Know About Israel For A Chance To Win

If you love Israel (like we do) there is probably a lot you want to learn about the land, from how to get there to what to do once you’re there. Well, here at GoInspire we want to help you! Let us know what you’d like to know more about, and we just might address your question or concept in a future blog post. Plus, anyone who submits an idea will be entered into a raffle to win a free gift card!

Curious about Israel?


Don’t Go To Israel Without Visiting These Hot Spots

3 MORE Israel Tourist Sites You Won’t Want to Miss

kinneret palm treesSince we talked about Three Sites Not to Miss On Your Next Trip to Israel a few weeks ago, our audience has been clamoring for more great tourist sites! So we now bring to you three more sites that you definitely should check out the next time you’re in Israel.

Sea of Galilee (a.k.a. The Kinneret)


UPDATE: Free Enrollment in El Al’s Matmid Program

El-AlWow, that was good timing! Just a few days after we explained all about El Al’s Matmid Program, El Al came out with a promotion offering free registration! This is a limited time offer, and we don’t know when it will expire, so act fast. Click here to enroll now, and save yourself $25.

See you in Israel…