Winging it to Israel – Israel Travel Tips, Part II

Discounted flights to IsraelYou know Israel is incredible. However, when you think about flying, that feeling of dread settles in your stomach. You’ve had enough airport adventures, and you’re not sure you’re ready for another! Help is here – you can experience Israel in one smooth trip with 10 Israel travel tips  from travel professionals, and experienced travelers, to help you on your way:

1. Before booking a seat, consult SeatGuru.Com. They’ll give you a map of the plane, advise you on which seats are best, and show you pictures of the actual seats. Before that seat starts poking you, you can find out the comfort rating and all you need to know about that seat you’re taking.

travel tips to Israel

2. Get Travel Insurance.  That extra bit could save you a bundle, by reimbursing you for lost objects or for a trip that had to be cut short.

3. When you get to the airport, make sure to check the gate number on your ticket. You may have printed your boarding pass online, it may even have the gate written on it – but double checking it can help you avoid a last minute sprint across the entire length of the airport.

4. When traveling with an infant on a domestic flight, if you don’t have a passport with you, take a copy of the birth certificate with you, or you may be accused of smuggling the child! If you are not the child’s parent, take a signed consent note as well.

5. If possible, take the things you need for the first 24 hours with you in your hand luggage. That way, in case your luggage gets misplaced you won’t be stuck with nothing to wear.

6. Put something noticeable on that black suitcase.  A flower ponytail holder or some colorful duct tape is a great eye catcher that will definitely help you locate your suitcase as it comes whizzing by on the conveyor belt.

7. Do not assume they will have your special food – even if you ordered it! To avoid starvation in the 21st century, you should always bring some food with you. (Bear in mind, though, that some countries don’t let you bring in fruits.) And don’t bring juicy pickles or any wet item in a ziploc bag – they might leak!

8. Bring along noise canceling ear plugs and an eye mask. These two items are great ways to prevent headaches caused by sleeping under bright lights and in a noisy area.

Water 9. Carry chewing gum. In case no one told you yet, gum is the answer to that annoying nausea and those painfully popping ears. Feel like a cow when you’re constantly chewing? Try a sucking candy instead, it will work too!

10. Drink – and drink some more. It will help prevent the jet lag, the headaches and dehydration. Smart tip: carry an empty water bottle through security and fill it at a water fountain.

…and you’re on you way – to the perfect flight experience! Want to know more about how to fly in style? Contact us and we will take care of you the whole way through. Bon Voyage!

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