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From its gritty beginnings just a couple of generations ago, the modern nation of Israel has come a long way, turning deserts into lush forests, prolific farms and world-class cities. Today Israel is a primary destination for the most discerning traveler, with high-end hotels, five star restaurants, over 250 wineries, spas and economic centers. MORE

And, of course, the most inspiring cultural and spiritual attractions in the world.

GoInspire’s concierge service takes VIP travel to another level with our finely orchestrated Israel experiences, customized to fit the interests of each traveler or group. We will work with your interests — intellectual, spiritual, geo-political and cultural — and craft a tour that’s as unique as you are.

Of course, we provide all logistics for the most discerning traveler. But it doesn’t stop there. We also arrange special and unique venues for events, educational programs, speakers and access to highest echelons of the leadership in business, politics, academia, and the military.


Israel HiTech and Innovation VIP

There are more world-changing technological breakthroughs and innovations happening in Israel than any in other country. GoInspire, through its division Israel HiTech Ventures (IHTV), knows the leading entrepeneurs, the major startups, and the industry players. We work with them regularly to share ideas and create opportunities for international networking. MORE

That familiarity grants GoInspire the highest level access to the innovators and their companies, and an insider’s view of their operations that you just won’t get anywhere else. Our VIP HiTech tours provide high level access, while enjoying the most luxurious travel and amenities Israel has to offer.

Tikkun Olam: Making A Difference With Our Luxury Israel Tours

Israel is making a difference to the world on so many levels. The VIP Tikkun Olam trips put you in a position to connect with the people and places that are leading the way — and to take an active part in their groundbreaking work. MORE

Each trip is customized to fit your interests — politics, business, ecology, or health. Our VIP Tikun Olam travelers receive briefings from leading political, military, academic and KOL’s (key opinion leaders) on the challenges confronting Israel and the region. Every trip puts you in contact with the founders of the institutions that are working to solve a wide range of issues, material and spiritual, to build world harmony and productive coexistence.
Israel VIP Tours

Be Inspired On Our VIP Israel Vacations

People of all levels of religious affiliation look to an Israel experience to enrich their lives on a spiritual level. GoInspire leads VIP travelers to a wellspring of Jewish wisdom throughout the country and at our Executive Learning Center. MORE

We bring together the wisest educators in the land to stimulate the mind, warm the heart, and stir the soul. As with all VIP trips, your body comforts won’t be forgotten. World class luxury accommodations and fine restaurants, wineries and spas are part of the journey. Each trip is custom designed to suit the interests of the individual and/or group.

VIP Israel Advocacy Trips

An informed support system is Israel’s best asset. The Hasbara
(geopolitical leadership training) trip is aimed at making VIPs from abroad stronger advocates for the State of Israel — from a position of firsthand knowledge. MORE

On this eye-opening trip, you will travel the country, visiting strategic points and meeting the people who are making the big decisions. You’ll go beyond the headlines to a deeper understanding of the existential challenges facing the modern State of Israel.

  • Receive high-level briefings by senior level strategists.
  • Meet with senior military and intelligence officials to learn more about the security challenges that Israel faces.
  • Meet the top echelon of the Israeli political leadership.
  • Be briefed on the key role Israel plays as an ally of the U.S. and as a front in the war on terror.
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Keep me updated
  • Details on this trip to follow. Fill in your name and email address, and we'll keep you updated.