Chanan Kaufman, Founder, CEO

Chanan is a trailblazing innovator in Jewish outreach education, hasbara leadership, and entrepreneurship in Israel programs. Chanan knows the importance of high quality transformational Israel trips and sees the opportunity to share this with the world. The GoInspire Group, founded by Chanan, includes several initiatives that are focused on bringing different types of groups and populations on content based Israel trips.


Baila Groner, COO USA

Baila’s passion for helping people and her love of Israel, combine to make her the perfect COO for a company that arranges the best Israel trips of their lives. She’s been with the Jerusalem Fellowships, the leading Jewish content Israel program for young adults, since 1992 and GoInspire since its inception. Baila enjoys playing an integral role in its growth as a worldwide organization.


Shmuel Kuhnreich, COO Israel

Shmuel’s creativity and drive ensures that everythings runs perfectly at GoInspire, and he thrives on the process of making it happen. Shmuel grew up in Montreal, Canada, and has spent a few years in Israel. After studying for a bit, he dived right into working for GoInspire and has now been with us for six years. Shmuel loves a challenge, and enjoys bringing every detail a customer dreams of together into one seamless, amazing trip.


Avi Schwartz, Regional Manager

Avi made aliyah to Israel 18 years ago from Silver Spring Maryland. After learning in Yeshiva, serving in the Tank Corp and getting his BA and MA, he has taken a lead role in planning and executing the basic to the most complex Israel trips. His combined love for people and Israel motivates him to the highest standards. Avi searches for the newest and unique programming, enthusiastically striving for excellence for our customers.


Perel Grossman, Travel Coordinator

Perel has been affiliated since 2001. After 12 years in the field of journalism and marketing, Perel sought a more meaningful career and found it at GoInspire. She enjoys working with customers from all spectrums of life, gaining special satisfaction from helping students and adults access the beauty and inspiration that Israel has to offer.


Cindy Romand, Travel Coordinator

Cindy has worked at GoInspire since 2005 in several different capacities. As a former computer programmer and computer teacher, she is our in house computer expert. Knowing how inspirational it is to spend time in Israel, she gets much satisfaction from coordinating our student groups and missions to Israel.

Aish HaTorah Stars (21)

Esther Malka Jundef, Travel Coordinator

Esther Malka worked for three years in GoInspire’s Israel office, before moving to America and joining the GoInspire USA team. She uses her expertise to help with all aspects of travel. As an experienced traveler between Israel and the US, she can assist customers with all travel questions with a personal touch and care.


Rena Zlotnick, Bookkeeper USA Office

Rena was born right here in Monsey, NY, but her Israeli Citizenship and love for the country keep her connected to Israel. A degree in accounting and a family oriented personality make Rena a perfect member of the GoInspire team. She loves the friendly environment here in the office and the fact that her job helps bring Jewish people to Israel – their homeland.


Marcia Levy, Scholarship Advisor

Marcia has been working with students for over 20 years. She originates from New York, but spent a few years working for Aish in Florida, before returning to New York. Marcia presently works as a Scholarship Advisor with the Jerusalem Fellowships, a member of the GoInspire Group. As part of the Goinspire team, Marcia specializes in individual flights for college and post college students, who are interested in studying at various programs for young adults in Jerusalem.


Esti Gershonowitz, Office Manager

Born in Talpiot, Israel, Esti moved to New York at the age of two. She grew up here, but still has some warm memories and a deep love for her birthplace. Esti studied computer progrmaming and is experienced in all areas of office work. Esti’s efficiency and joy in helping people make her a great asset to the team. She enjoys her job, working with amazing individuals and knowing that everything she does is affecting people and changing lives.


Gershon Rossman, Program Coordinator and Trip Staff Recruiter

Gershon served in the Israeli army following a year and a half of Yeshiva study. Upon finishing his army service he continued to study at Bar Ilan University. Gershon joined GoInspire first as a logistical Madrich and then staying on to become a Madrich Coordinator. Now as a Program Coordinator, Gershon runs many of the student programs as well as recruiting and placement of the ‘on trip’ staff. Gershon also takes care of the Individual Travel Services – and always gives each individual the best travel service.


Aryeh Gasner, Bookings Manager

Aryeh was born in Israel to American parents that made Aliyah in 1970. He was raised in Israel and now lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife and children. Aryeh loves traveling the country he grew up in and continues to call home. He’s been with GoInspire since 2010 as our contact person with all vendors. Aryeh takes care of booking transportation, meals, tour guides, security, medics, volunteering venues and attractions so the participants can enjoy the best trip ever.


Raizy Nussbaum, Program Coordinator

Raizy has a background in computers and worked in Computer Associates until moving to Israel in 2004. Originally from New York she went to Israel for a year and can’t bring herself to leave. She joined the GoInspire team in 2011 and organizes many great trips; focusing mainly on the JWRP Missions.


Shifra Gitman, Bookkeeper Israel Office

Born and raised in Jerusalem, after studying bookkeeping and accounting Shifra joined the team in 2007. She manages the finances with our Israeli vendors and her sharp skills keep her on top of our accounts.


Naftali Horowitz, Program Coordinator

Originally from Montreal, Naftali came to study in Israel seven years ago and couldn’t bring himself to leave. He began working for GoInspire four years ago and appreciates that his job is so fulfilling knowing there is always a positive ripple effect after one of these amazing trips and he feels proud to be a part of that.


Rachel Levy, Hotel Manager

Originally from Miami, Rachel moved to Israel fifteen years ago. First starting as a volunteer, she has now been working with us for six years. Rachel likes connecting to people and enjoys helping them come closer to their heritage. Its not just about the job; although Rachel is very business orientated, she loves what she does – assisting people and giving them her best.


Shifra Bamberger, Marketing

Shifra moved to New York from Manchester, England less than a year ago and just recently joined GoInspire’s New York office. Having worked for a major magazine in Israel, Shifra is the perfect candidate to assist the CEO with research, marketing and presenting the programs. Shifra loves Israel and enjoys working with the incredible GoInspire team to create the ideal trips. She is excited to help take GoInspire to the next level and to work with you towards making your dreams come true.


Maxx Blank, Director Bizrael/IHTV

Maxx has a dynamic background in entrepreneurship and served in the Israeli Air force. Maxx thrives on the energy of being surrounded by people and movements that will inspire and motivate others. He has a deep passion for the internet and social entrepreneurship and believes that nothing is done by a single person – in order to get anywhere in life you need a team. Maxx is inspired by GoInspire and loves this work, because it combines his love for social entrepreneurship, marketing and communications.


Jason Weiss, Program Director Bizrael/IHTV

Jason has extensive experience in program management and government in both the US and Israel. After growing up in San Diego, he came to Israel. Jason has studied, worked and developed a strong passion for Israel, Judaism and business and he was awarded an Israel Government Fellowship from 2009-2010. Jason is very excited to channel his passions and energy into connecting people to Israel on this exciting program.