JWRP Participant Supports our Soldiers in Israel

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The rockets haven’t stopped the brave women of JWRP from coming to Israel and showing solidarity with the people while they tour the length and breadth of the Holy Land. One of our recent JWRP participants was so inspired that she decided to stay on and do her part to help our Israeli soldiers. Read Michey Singer’s first hand account of her extended stay in Israel.

Here is a glimpse of my amazing journey to Israel with the JWRP:

After nine incredible days with 200 moms and unbelievable leaders, I went to Tel Aviv on an “optional two day extension.” We, seven women, had an undeniably fabulous experience. The Blind Museum made me cry hysterically because it reminded me of how my daughter, who has a rare genetic syndrome, must feel everyday. (That’s a whole other story).

lechem basar tel avivAt dinner on the Tel Aviv port, the first sirens were heard. Those sirens indicated the beginning of what was to be called “Operation Protective Edge.” We all huddled inside the restaurant where we were told to go. I felt a lump in my stomach and had a heavy heart as I knew what this meant for Israel and specifically for the moms of all those soldiers. Two of my City Leaders have sons who are front line active soldiers and I couldn’t possibly imagine their angst.

Within moments we were back at the table and three of the women were on the phone trying to get earlier flights to leave Israel. That did not occur to me. I felt Jerusalem tugging at my heartstrings and I wanted to be back there and see if I could help. I called the travel agent asking to extend my stay. They were surprised because everyone else wanted to leave. Please know this was a feeling I had deep in my soul, despite concern from my family. It’s like when you are helping someone unpack into a new home and you don’t want to leave until it’s finished. I just felt it. (Thanks to my City Leaders, JWRP, Rabbi, and my husband for teaching me).

Here are some of my posts and texts after the first sirens started:

bus stop 3 boysJuly 9th- Please take a moment to be grateful for the men and women who are on the front for the Jewish people everywhere. I am in Jerusalem and experienced sirens indicating rockets about to be launched. I felt 100% safe. I am staying with a woman whose son is serving and while I am writing this she is at minyan. We can change this anti-Semitism if we each do something. Here is a picture of the bus stop where the 3 boys were kidnapped. Please take a moment to remember how many lives have suffered so we can have a Jewish life….

July 9th- I just had a great idea to show solidarity for Israel. In addition to your prayers, please wear a Jewish symbol and say to the world “I’m Jewish, I’m proud and I support Israel.” Even if you’re not Jewish, please join your friends in this mission.

It is 9:00 am in Jerusalem and my friend found us a place to volunteer: Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin – Razoo

Please support our soldiers on the front lines of Operation Protective Edge. They are fighting to defend the Jewish people.

We walked over to the center and met the most dedicated staff, volunteers and soldiers. I truly felt privileged and honored to be there. When we walked in we said “How can we help?” They answered “the soldiers need socks and energy bars.” The two of us were on it…

lone soldierTogether with their guidance, we set up a fundraising page and as of now, 10 days later, we are halfway to their goal. I loved this part of my journey and having an actual hand in “doing” and not just “saying.”

July 10th-I’m still here in this amazing place. Thank you to all who have donated and there’s still time for those who couldn’t. I’m on my way to the center to help. One of my City Leaders was kind enough to open her home to me. Her son is out there defending the Jewish people and she has no idea when she will hear from him again. Can you imagine? Can you imagine your son or daughter on the front line for peace? Please help in any way you can.

We were just on Ben Yehuda enjoying people watching, and ice cream, when the air raid sirens went off (it actually sounds like the siren in Tenafly, NJ). My friend grabbed my hand and we rushed into a store and asked where the shelter was. Quickly, we ran across the plaza into a building and down the stairs into the shelter. You’re supposed to take cover within 90 seconds. I was sitting next to a very pregnant woman and her small toddler. Everyone is ok – thanks to our amazing soldiers and their courage. Please help Israel anyway you can.

jwrp pic june 29 2July 11th- I arrived at Ben Gurion Airport sad that I was leaving but happy to see my husband and dog. (My kids were both at sleep-away camp). As I was on the security line, I saw a young man wearing a Lone Soldier Center t-shirt. I said to him “I just volunteered for the last two days at the center.” He grinned and said “Thank you, I go there all the time.” And I said, “No, thank you for your service.”

Again, please help in anyway. I have just signed up for the Washington DC AIPAC conference and would love to have anyone join me. Maybe JWRP has a delegation. I’ll look into that, however in the meantime, say your prayers for Israel and ALL of the soldiers.


Michey Singer

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