A Madrich’s Perspective: JWRP Women Supporting Israel

jwrp pic july 21 1Sirens are sounding and rockets are flying over Israel, but GoInspire is still out to inspire! We take all possible safety precautions, and then aim to provide our trip participants with a wonderful, memorable trip.

Our most recent JWRP trip inspired our Madrich to write this moving letter:

My Friends,

Waking up this morning in bed, at my own home, was strange. Everything was silent. No bus drivers to call at 6:00 AM, no security guard to make sure he comes on time, No name tags, no city leaders. No Tour Guide, no Bathroom Stops. I was home – silence.

I met you all on our first day at the Ben Gurion airport. I saw a group of women who decided as one to make a brave decision and come to the Land of Israel even though I’m sure (after speaking with some of you) that many of your family members and friends may have thought differently regarding this decision.

The people of Israel were looking at you. They saw you walking around on Shabbat and sitting in Cafes in the city. They saw you walking through Tzfat and laughing at the Dead Sea. They saw Jewish women who say “No” to Terror and a large “YES” to supporting Israel. Seeing you made the Israelis feel safe. Yes, sounds funny right? Us feeling safe because of you? But yes, Seeing and feeling your support makes any soldier or any Israeli feel that he is being loved just because of the fact that he is here. Love has no boundaries – I am a true believer of that. It will get to you. It will get to you even if it takes coming from South Florida, Manhattan, or Boca, all the way to the middle East. It will come, it will come to Israel.

I feel privileged taking part of your Journey. What makes a trip great is not the Logistics or the Director- It is YOU.

jwrp july 21 2Our discussions made me wiser, I learned from you all. You all have gone through so much in your Lives and there I was, feeling like a kid among women who’ve been through so much.

I apologies if I haven’t got a chance to speak directly with each and every one of you, I tried my best.

I say goodbye knowing that I made good friends, Hope to see you soon.

“Shalom” from Jerusalem – Ariel (Ariellito…)

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2 Comments on A Madrich’s Perspective: JWRP Women Supporting Israel

  1. Anne Kirstein says:

    Dear Ariel,
    Although I have never met you, your letter has moved me tremendously. My name is Anne Kirstein and I was on the JWRP trip from Toronto last November. The trip was such an amazing experience for me, thanks in part to all of you madrichim! I am thinking about Israel every day at this time. I pray for the safety of the soldiers, the civilians and of course for peace. I wish I could be there at this time to support all of you and hope that you are all staying well. Thanks to all of you for looking after us women! Hope to return to the Holy Land one day soon.
    Am Yisrael Chai
    Anne Kirstein

  2. Ruthi Seidenfeld says:

    Ariel, I miss the special way u call my name! Stay in touch and email me [email protected] how you’re doing and how the next jwrp group fares! U know the long island women are the very best!

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