Men Demand “Equal Rights” From the JWRP

1379427_10152318556749498_536282860_nMany of you have already heard about the amazing transformational trips to Israel that the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project has been offering, in partnership with us at GoInspire. The JWRP’s mission is to empower women to change the world through their Jewish values. In conjunction with GoInspire, JWRP has brought thousands of women to Israel to date, from 60 cities and 12 countries all over the world.

These T.A.G. (Transform and Grow) Israel experience trips are created, planned, and implemented through the services of GoInspire’s offices, both in NY and Jerusalem. From flights, to hotels, to tours and restaurants, and ironing out all the logistical challenges, the GoInspire team works with JWRP to offer the women an experience that will transform their own lives and the lives of their families and communities back home.

Mens TripBefore long, the husbands of these women, as well as other men who heard about the program, started complaining. They, too, wanted an opportunity to “Transform and Grow”. So, this year, for the first time, the JWRP arranged a Men’s Mission, designed for husbands of JWRP participants or any Jewish man looking for an inspiring trip to Israel. This trip is primarily geared to married men who have children under 18 at home, however, men of all ages can attend.

I feel a personal connection to this trip, as I not only designed the itinerary (on a graphical level), but I took care of the flights for many of the participants on this trip. It was so great to hear about the grand time they were all having, especially since the names were all familiar to me!

The JWRP Men’s Mission boasted a fantastic itinerary. They toured historical sites, participated in extreme adventures, and attended thought-provoking classes with renowned lecturers like Charlie Harary. The men met and “trained” with IDF soldiers (check out the video below), “dipped” in the ancient Ari Mikvah in Tzfat, and tasted the rich wines of the Galil Winery.

Participants also visited and enjoyed various must-see spots, including the Kotel, Kotel Tunnels, Ir David (The City of David), Masada, and the Dead Sea. DSC_9254Throughout all of this, the men proved their stamina and youthful spirit by choosing between fun activities such as jeeping, ATVing, and rappelling in the Judean Desert. (And to think – back home they’re probably too tired to even take out the garbage!) To round out the schedule and touch upon yet another area of interest, the men visited NICE Systems at Ranana and watched presentations about their latest hi-tech advances.

DSC_9656The week-long program ended on a high, with dancing and singing at the Western Wall at Kabbalat Shabbat, and a beautiful Shabbat dinner at the Aish World Center, overlooking the Western Wall Plaza.

Before the conclusion of the program, the men sat down to commit some of their thoughts to paper. Here’s a sampling of what they wrote:

“This trip has made me see the glory of Israel, see the connection and resolve to be a bigger part of the Jewish community. My life has changed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

DSC_9732“You cannot describe this trip in one word; it would be unfair. Awesome, incredible, great, exhilarating, don’t begin to describe what this trip was for me. I enjoyed it through body, soul and heart.”

“Thank you for having the vision to bring this group to Israel.”

“You have provided an opportunity and experience to connect to Israel that I would not have otherwise been able to experience. For this I truly thank you.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to experience my beautiful homeland. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life and relationship with my wife.”

DSC_8283“The experience of coming to Israel for the first time is moving and irreplaceable.”

Thank you to the entire GoInspire crew for a job well done! As you can see, your hard work was appreciated by the 90 men who participated in the JWRP Men’s Mission.

To see more pictures of the trip, visit our photo gallery.

If you or anyone you know would like more information about the upcoming JWRP Men’s Mission in 2014, or any of our Israel Trips, contact us, or leave a comment below.

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