Three Sites Not to Miss On Your Next Trip To Israel

Israeli flagThere are places in far-flung corners of Israel that only those “in the know” (or in the travel business) seem to know about. And then, there are the absolute “don’t-leave-the-country-until-you’ve seen-these” sites. Yet, surprisingly, popular as they are, many less-seasoned travelers may not be aware of the existence and significance of these tourist attractions.

Here’s a quick overview of our three favorite Must-Sees:

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The legendary Jerusalem Biblical Zoo houses many species of animals, in an effort to preserve rare creatures and species threatened with extinction. The emphasis of the zoological collection is on animals indigenous to the Land of Israel, with a special focus on those species mentioned in the Bible.

Gan Hachayot croppedThe zoo also offers educational activities that help cultivate the values of nature conservation and wildlife protection. In addition to all this, the Biblical Zoo attempts to enhance public awareness of environmental issues and encourage a love of animals.

A visit to the zoo is sure to be a hit for adults and children alike, and will leave you with an awe of G-d’s creations, and perhaps a little more sympathy for Noah, who had to feed all those animals in the Ark!

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is a living memorial to the Holocaust, safeguarding the legacy of its victims and survivors, and imparting meaning to future generations. Yad Vashem is also the world center for education, documentation, research and commemoration of the Holocaust (also known as the Shoah).
Visitors call their experience at Yad Vashem “life-altering” and “mind-boggling”. “No words can describe it” is a common reaction to the images and experiences offered there.

Yad VashemThe Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem, the product of ten years of research and development, narrates the story of the Shoah in an updated, state-of-the-art presentation, emphasizing the experiences of the individual victims. This is accomplished with original artifacts, testimonials of survivors, and personal possessions of people who unfortunately did not survive.

A visit to Yad Vashem will touch you deeply as you learn about this tragic period in Jewish History. The human spirit of that era still resonate, and you will hopefully emerge with a new perspective on life in general, and on the miracle that is the Jewish Nation today.


Masada (Hebrew for fortress), is considered by many to be the most popular paid tourist attraction in Israel. It is the place where the last Jewish stronghold against Roman invasion stood. Masada is located atop an isolated rock cliff at the western end of the Judean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. On the northern edge of the steep cliff, with a splendid view, once stood the elegant, private palace-villa of King Herod.

MasadaMasada remained untouched for more than thirteen centuries. The various buildings and all other evidence of human settlement gradually collapsed and were completely covered over. The once glorious palace then remained hidden until it was excavated in the 1960’s.

The Roman attack ramp which was used to facilitate the invasion still stands and can be climbed. Many buildings which were part of the ruins have been identified and restored, including the homes, storehouses, and synagogues of the Jewish rebels, as well as the Roman-style bathhouses that Herod built.

The archeological discoveries are remarkable, the views are outstanding, and emotions run high, as visitors get swept up into the dramatic and heart-rending story that unfolded there.

Here’s a few other sites you might not want to miss:

  • Western Wall
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Israel Museum
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Mount of Olives
  • Ramat Gan Safari

Stay tuned for future posts that will tell you about these must-sees, as well as ‘hidden gems’ all over Israel.

What’s your favorite must-see attraction in Israel? Let us know with a comment and maybe we’ll highlight your top choice in a future post!

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  1. Mindy Bloom says:

    The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has just been renovated and is a must see.

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