The Way to a Tourist’s Heart… Is Through His Stomach

Three Jerusalem Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss

keyara table

Keyara Restaurant

8 Ramban St., Jerusalem. Open Sunday through Thursday, 4-11pm.

Keyara has earned high marks from members of the GoInspire family for its delicious fare, soothing ambience, and excellent service. The minimalist décor, highlighted by atmospheric mood lighting, offers diners well-spaced, generously sized tables that allow for private conversation. The menu at Keyara is a delight for the palate, featuring unique dishes you may never before have encountered. The chef is magnanimous with his portion sizes, so take note: ordering appetizers may be overkill. The waiters are attentive without hovering; they are there to help but not to annoy.

Keyara is located at the picturesque and famous windmill in Rechavia, which dates back to the late 1800’s. It is situated near many popular hotels and is a fairly easy (20-30 minute) walk to the Kotel. B’tayavon! (With appetite!)

Village Green

33 Jaffa St., Jerusalem. Open Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 10pm, Friday 11:30am to approx 3pm.

village greenVillage Green is a strictly vegetarian self-service restaurant which has garnered culinary kudos for the home-cooked quality of their dishes, which seem to satisfy even the most voracious carnivore. The restaurant is located in the center of Jerusalem, near the new Mashbir department store, and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The décor is of an earthy, woodsy nature (pun intended!), with lots of natural light pouring in.

Village Green offers a huge variety of organic dishes. You can heap samples of a number of hot dishes onto your plate and pay by weight, or choose a single item (like pie) and pay by the piece. If you’re on a budget, rejoice, as there’s no need to tip – but you might want to throw a few coins into the tip jar to show your appreciation. village green 2

Homemade bread, baked tofu, quinoa, grains, beans, pizza on whole wheat dough (with or without cheese), and all the fixings to custom-design your own organic hearty salad, are just a few of the offerings at Village Green. And it’s all served up by a warm, friendly, helpful staff. Best of all, even after possibly consuming a whole lots of calories, you leave feeling pleasantly satisfied (not overstuffed) and nutritionally virtuous!

Café Rimon & Rimon Bistro

4 Lunz St., off Ben Yehuda midrachov (pedestrian walkway), Jerusalem. Open 24 hours a day except for Shabbat (closes Friday 2 hours before Shabbat and re-opens Saturday night an hour and a half past the end of Shabbat)

rimonCafé Rimon offers a menu for every appetite, with its separate side-by-side dairy and meat restaurants. If you are venturing into the dairy section, our in-house foodies suggest you try the delectable salmon fettuccine (salmon flakes on a bed of fettuccine, smothered in rich alfredo sauce), and finish your meal (with a bang) over chocolate soufflé and ice cream (complete with sparkler, upon request!) The meat restaurant offers grilled favorites like steak and lamb chops, as well as burgers, kebabs, schnitzel, and chicken/meat salads.

rimon foodOne diner reported that, after her party ordered, the waiter recommended that they order less, as the amount of food would be too much for them to consume! ‘Only in Israel!

You can enjoy Rimon’s offerings both indoors and out, year round, as they provide outdoor heaters in the winter, and umbrellas, for shade, in the summer. Great location, tempting cuisine, and a relaxing atmosphere … what more could one ask for?

What’s your favorite Jerusalem eatery? Share it with us below! And remember – you have to BE there to EAT there. As always, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you plan your next trip to Israel!

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  1. Excellent, informative article! I definitely vote for Village Green! Delicious! And it was great to find out that Cafe Rimon is open 24 hours a day…

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